Solar Oven Recipes for Nachos

Tailgate nachos cook right on the hood of my truck...
or on my truck's tailgate.

These are solar oven recipes for nachos that are ready to munch in fifteen minutes, anywhere the sun shines.

Yep,  summer sunshine, some cold, COLD drinks, and two or three rotating pots of solar heated tortilla chips and you and your friends are in nacho heaven.

Decorate your nachos, traditionally, with shredded cheddar and pepperjack cheese, black olives and sliced jalapeno peppers. Maybe even mound some taco meat in the middle of it all before closing the lid.

Now, you just need to bake it all in your solarcooker until your cheese melts.

This video, unfortunately, doesn't show the actual fixing or eating.

We were distracted with Super Bowl Game Day Hoopla. It just shows the simple actual cooking of them in the sun on a Superbowl Sunday. I trust that you have your own favorite recipe to use.

( Skeptics beware! You risk burns before becoming a believer. )

I can snack on nachos endlessly!

Solar nachos go down especially easily in the huge parking lots of our two big outdoor concert venues here in Washington State - The Gorge , and The White River Amphitheater.

You know how you have to get to a huge outdoor concert early, and then hang around for hours? This is a mighty tasty way to wait for the main event!

One amusing side benefit of using a solar cooker
is it's human attraction factor.

When your party is set up and solar cooking, you've got a visual conversation magnet!

The aroma of hot tortilla chips, taco meat, melted cheese and peppers advertise your presence irresistibly. The odd visual of your solar stoves in action fuels curiosity.  This one-two sensual combination is irresistible as an ice breaker.!

The characters that I have met in parking lots with this bait are an event in itself!

Just use your imagination. Think cheap and rewarding entertainment from being noteworthy in a crowd.

Can you see that it doesn't take much?

OK, I want to go mobile with these solar oven recipes for NACHOS !!!

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