Think Multiple Solar Cooker

Multiple cookers can be very handy.

Nacho Volume

When you have more than one solar cooker, you go from inhaling one pot of nachos at a time to a bigger experience. You can heat up a can of refried beans in a second  solarcooker to go with 'em.  And as one batch of chips was baked, you would empty that pot to serve the goodies and then reload it for the next batch. (Done in about 15 minutes)

Add another solar stove (3 now) and rotate the pots for faster batches of hot, salty, and spicy nachos. This increases your "nacho volume". (A scientific term that I learned in college.)

Traditional Multi-Course Meals

More traditionally, multiple solar ovens are used for preparing different meal courses. You know, steamed rice in one pot, fresh green beans from the farmers market in a second pot, and the main course of pot roast or baked trout baked in a third. Think four cookers, and now treat everyone to cinnamon baked apples!

If you really want to spoil good friends, easily do a solar chocolate fondue for dessert! This is very quick to prepare. Maybe 12 minutes total. ( I'm working on that video)

Now, back to cooking with multiple solar stoves...

After emptying the first pot or two of food to serve, consider refilling them with water. Place your reloaded solar ovens back into the sun. This way your clean up water (or your after dinner tea water) is heating up while everyone is still eating. Free and quiet energy heats your water.

So, you can see that more cookers gives you and your family more options. And bigger feasts!

Yes! I want to FEAST with more than one solar cooker !

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