Solar Cooker Recipe for Steamed Clams

Fresh steamed clams on the beach with a solar stove

With this solar cooker recipe, you don't have to DIG your own to enjoy steamed clams on your picnic. Nor do you even have to be near a clam bed.

You just need to know the location of the nearest fresh seafood counter to grab those clams in the shell and go forth, outside to your favorite retreat.

Pretend you are at the beach.

What follows is a very silly video on digging for clams near Phoenix, Arizona...

... but here in the Pacific Northwest

Here in the Pacific Northwest, one can experience a little bit of Heaven on a sunny Spring day during a low tide.

These days do happen!

After March, when the Sun comes out from behind our usually present clouds, our sunshine is strong enough that you can feel it in your bones.  Your body begins unfolding from winter into this welcome solar warmth.

Plus, here on the shore it certainly does not smell like the inside of your car, or the inside of your office, or the inside of your home! There is much more here, seaside, to sniff and imagine.

There is a light breeze. Just imagine Jimmy Buffet singing "Son of a Sailor"...

It is SO great to be outdoors and alive on such a day!

But, for the energetic, and for the hungry, there are clams to dig. Maybe some mussels to collect. Oysters if you are very lucky!

It doesn't take long to harvest enough for lunch and you don't want to leave. It is soooo nice out! You kinda hate to wait until you are home to eat what you've gathered...

So, what to do?

My answer is this video solar cooker recipe to steam clams right on the beach.

Right now!

I want to try this solar cooker recipe for steamed clams in garlic, beer and butter !

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